Session 10: 10am - 10:50am

Fostering Women VCs and Founders

It is no secret that men in leadership roles dominate the technology and finance sectors. While there is change on the way, it is still slow.

This panel discusses the importance of driving more funding and creating more opportunities for female founders, executives and venture capitalists. How do we build a community of both male and female leaders to support and cultivate aspiring women entrepreneurs and executives? What can men in positions of power and influence do to promote diversity? Are you a woman who wants to learn about what is needed to succeed in a non-diverse environment? For instance, what skills are required to fundraise successfully?

We are bringing together strong talent from the VC community and startups to discuss these issues and share their experiences.

Amir Khan (Moderator)


Minal Hasan


Mamoon Hamid


Aaliya Yaqub, MD

Session 2: 11am - 11:50am

Corporate leadership skills- do they transfer to the startup world and vice versa?

While leadership skills like collaboration, influence, problem solving and many others  are required in both startups and the corporate 
worlds, how they are applied can be  different. Join a panel of 4 experienced women who will talk about these and other skills,  that are needed to survive and thrive in the corporate and startup worlds.
Join Amra Tareen, Head of Innovation Bed Bath and Beyond, Dawn Dobras CEO Credo Beauty,  Jennifer Sharp VP Partnerships at Tophatter, and Shahla Aly Director at Google 
who will engage in a lively conversation on this topic. 

Shahla Aly (Moderator)


Amra Tareen


Dawn Dobras


Jennifer Sharp

Session 3: 12pm - 12:45pm

Leadership development and gender bias

1. Leadership development: 
how should entrepreneurs develop their leadership skills and in their teams?
how to identify and foster intrinsic motivation in yourself and others? 
what role can mentor-ship play in personal/team development?
2. Gender bias:
Observations on the scope of gender bias in the valley and tech in general
do women leaders self-limit? how to get past that?
strategies for dealing with gender bias in a startup or corporate environments

Farooq Muzaffar (Moderator)


Esther Wojcicki


Hira Saeed


Asra Nadeem

Session 4: 1:45pm - 2:15pm

Work life balance vs self balance- A seminar by Elisa Yu

Ariana Huffington said that “work life balance is a myth”, and many others have said that there is no such thing as “work life balance”.  Are we really aiming for the impossible?  Just like David Allen pointed out that “time management” is really “self management”, “work life balance” is really “self balance”.  What are your goals?  What is a fulfilled life to you?  These are some of the relevant questions to ask before we can talk about balance.  In this seminar, we will explore what self balance really is and share some tools to achieve that self balance.


Elisa YU

Session 5: 2:15pm - 3:00pm

Top Things Creative People Do That Lead to Success

As you start working towards a successful career or building a business, it is important to be a creative in everything you do. You may not be an artist or a musician, but creativity is still important to your professional success. French artist, Henri Matisse described creative people as curious, flexible, persistent, independent and adventurous. Attend this panel and meet a delightful group of creative women – listen and learn how their creativity helped them to kickstart successful careers. You will takeaway lessons, anecdotes and qualities which will help you succeed in your college, professional, and personal life.


Iram Nawaz (Moderator)


Laraib Atta


Mona Shaikh


MK Ansari

Entertainment: 3:00pm to 3:15pm

Stand up comedy with Mona Shaikh!

Mona Shaikh

Session 6: 3:15pm - 3:45pm

Sundari Mitra Tech CEO Career Advice - Career Girls

She started her career at Intel in the late 1980s as a chip designer on the Intel 286. Subsequently, Ms. Mitra joined Sun Microsystems where she spent 12 years and moved into management. Ms. Mitra took the entrepreneurial plunge and went on to launch two successful tech companies. Her first startup was Prism Circuits, which created serial memory products. Prism grew to 50 people with $11 million in revenue and was acquired by Mosys in 2009. In 2011, Mitra founded NetSpeed Systems, a system-on-a-chip design tool company. Raising over $22 M from investors, she grew the company to profitability with an impressive list of Fortune 100 customers. NetSpeed was acquired by Intel Corporation in 2018.


Sundari Mitra

Session 7: 3:45pm - 4:00pm


Introducing 4 startups. Each will be given 4 minutes to sahre about the statup.

Session 8: 4:00pm to 4:20pm


Rock Your Profile LinkedIn will be at the conference to help audience with their services. Discuss how to power your career through LinkedIn at their booth. Learn some of the best practices and insider tips on how to successfully navigate for the right opportunities. Learn to be visible during your career search. LinkedIn will aslo share some insight on how to successfully promote your business and be an influencer.